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July 16, 2023

Autem Eos

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Monke Fans

This monkey is great and smooshes just like all of the tik toks. It is very squishy and durable so far (after 5 days of a lot of use and abuse).

Alli s
Verified review

I love this product, when I saw that the ORIGINAL monke kong was being sold on Amazon, I HAD to get it. It is great for my mental health and stress, and is a funny distraction. I highly recommend this product

Jenny Raju
Verified review

I got this for my 13 yr old grandson. I've got 3 grandsons all 13. So far this monkey has pasted all the torture without a leak.

Verified review

It's like 5 pounds, my two boys 7 and 10 years old had so much fun. You know these kids love these squishy weird toys. My 10 year old took it to his school and it was a crowd favorite.

Verified review

I looked for a while for this guy. Ever since I seen the TikTok’s I wanted one. Other fake brands were double the price. Glad I found him on Amazon.

Verified review

Better than all the competition. Durable, and most smushable. Some paint peeling/fading occurs the more you smash him to the ground, but that's not surprising.

Verified review

Wow! Love at first sight!! This is huge and made of excellent craftsmanship!! We discover this monke when the video showed on my sons Instagram!

Verified review